No doubt as the era of Rich Internet Application (RIA) falls upon us, an indispensable tool in the kitty of any modern day Web Applications Developer is the all-important jQuery. Though not the only JavaScript Framework or Library, if you will, but it has evolved to gain credence as the most widely used JavaScript toolkit. Gaining Mastery in jQuery, irrespective of your server technology, will ensure you keep your users impressed.

Install and Setup of jQuery

Configure and use jQuery UI.

Manipulate the Browser Document Object Model (DOM) using jQuery.

Use jQuery Form Validation Plugin

Send and Receive JSON & HTML Data from the Server.

Use jQuery Template Plugin

Introduction to Bootstrap.

Debug on the Client-Side using Browser Developer Tools

Basic Understanding of HTML

Basic Understanding of JavaScript ( Arrays & Variables)

Familiarity with Web Browsers

A Laptop with the following Installations

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Fundamentals

Manipulating DOM Elements

Simple & Advanced Form Validation with jQuery Validation Plugin

Using jQuery UI Widgets

Accordion, Tabs, Dialog Boxes, Date Pickers, Buttons, Progress Bars

Sending JSON Data to a Back-end Data Service

Retrieving JSON/HTML Data from a Back-end Data Service

Client-Side Templating

Installation & Setup of Twitter Bootstrap

Class Project