HTML5 and CSS3 are more than just two new standards proposed by the World Wide We b Consortium (W3C) and its working groups. Theyare the next iteration of technologies for everyday use, and they’rehere to help you build better modern web applications. The ability to do more on the web is a promise guaranteed to be fulfilled by HTML5 and CSS3 as Older web standards are being replaced across all platforms. If you are looking to building a simple, fast and cheap websites then the twin of HTML5 and CSS3 has got the magic wand.

Author a Webpage using HTML5.

Create ID, Class and Element Rules in CSSS3

Format Texts and Paragraphs using CSS3

Create and Reference External Styles and Script Files

Use Expression Web to Author a Webpage

Basic Understanding of HTML

Familiarity with Web Browsers

FireFox, IE 10 and Google Chrom

NetBeans 7.X/Visual Studio 2010

Editing and Viewing HTM Files

Setting Up the Document Structure

Formatting Text by Using Tags

Using Lists and Backgrounds

Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors

Introduction to Style Sheets

Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Displaying Graphics

Creating Layouts

Creating & Formatting Tables

Creating User Forms

Including JavaScript and External Content


HTML and Microsoft Expression Web