C-Sharp a fundamental part of .NET Framework and has evolved since 2000 as a prime programming language running on Desktops, Web Servers and Mobile Devices. If you favour Microsoft Software developer tools and hope to become a Software Developer, then learning the fundamentals of C-Sharp is a good way to Start.

Understand OOP Concepts

Create a Class for Object Modeling

Understand and Implement Control Flow Statements

Build Simple Console/Windows Application.

Perform Basic Database Operations using ADO.NET

Basic Keyboard/Mouse Handling

Able to perform basic folder and file operations on Windows

MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Express

Visual Studio 2010

Understanding OOP

Introduction to Visual C #

Working with Variables, Operator and Expressions

Writing Methods and Applying Scope

Using Decision Statements

Using Compound Assignment

Managing Errors & Exception

Creating and Managing Classes and Objects

Using Arrays

Demo Project

Working with Inheritance

Creating Interfaces and Abstract Classes

ADO.NET Programming