Angular Js

AngularJS is the very elegant next generation JavaScript framework; it makes MVC a perfect fit for Web Front-End development. It's hard not to fall in love with AngularJS as it makes developers Client-Side development much fun, by quietly stringing together your application's MVC components. As Web application performance continues to dominate application success factor, Developers are increasingly calling Single Page Applications (SPA) to the rescue thereby making AngularJS a most have skill for any modern day application developer.

Know when AngularJS will fit for an application development project

Build a full-fledge application of any scale with AngularJS

A working Knowledge of JavaScript

A working Knowledge of HTML

Web Browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Visual Studio 2013/2015

NetBeans 7.X, NetBeans 8.X

Introduction to AngularJS

Understanding Controllers & Data Scope

Understanding Views

Understanding Directives & Filters

Understanding URLS, Routing & Partials

Using Forms

Understanding Service

Consuming External Services

Implementing an AngularJS Application

Back-End Integration with Web API