Our Philosophy

The need for software developers continues to grow in leaps and bound world over, as job postings for developers continues to jump. There are simply not enough software developers to hire and not enough in school either. There is a developer shortage the likes of which this industry has never seen. At Bluechip Software Academy (BSA) we intend to breach this gap.


We have a wide range of courses that we teach, but this listed set of courses are group of courses designed for specific areas of development

(BMAN)Bluechip Mobile Application Ninja– Android Flavour

This is for android mobile development where course related to android development are taught.

(BMAN HYBRID)Bluechip Mobile Application Ninja-Hybrid Flavour

This is for mobile development That cut across all Platforms where course related to mobile development are taught.

(BSSN JAVA)Bluechip Server-Side Ninja– Java Flavour

Server side of an application is key as this is the heart of an appliaction. courses related to Java server side development are taught

(BSSN .NET)Bluechip Server-Side Ninja- .NET Flavour

Server side of an application is key as this is the heart of an appliaction. courses related to .Net server side development are taught

(BWCN .NET)Bluechip Web Component Ninja -.NET

A revolutionary direction for building web applications front-end

(BFEN)Bluechip Front End Ninja

This is the design and interface users get to meet and interact with when they use your application courses related to Front end development are taught

Our Process

For efective teaching and understanding we follow this process in other for our students to become masters of the code














EXPERIENCED LECTURERS- Our Lecturers are highly experienced in the field at which they are been brought in to lecture on. We use individuals who have done high standard applications and development in other for the trainees to get the right experience

PRACTICAL DEVELOPMENT- We make sure we dont just talk the talk, we create aplications during the cause of each course taught in other for the trainnes to have a development experience

Our Core Values

  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Team work